• Jonathan Edwards

Residential Trash Service Page now available! (Plymouth Pennsylvania)

Trash services in Plymouth, Pennsylvania

Whether you just moved here or want to try a new waste removal service, figuring out who to use for waste removal in Plymouth, Pennsylvania can be a giant pain in the ass. (and that's putting it mildly!)

Plymouth Borough does not have a contract with a single trash removal service, opting instead to allow residents to use any waste removal company who is willing to service the area.

Problem is, there is no place to find out who those companies are, that is, until now!

The new page is officially available right here! Just click on "TRASH" in the menu and you'll be taken to an up-to-date list of residential waste removal services available right here in Plymouth Borough!

I am still working on an effective alert system for delays, but until then you can find most of those in the Plymouth Suggestion Box facebook group!

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